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How to set up a jumping castle?

Although our technicians will be available to you all the time, one must still know how the setup is done. If you feel the technician isn’t doing it the right way, you can correct him at the same time, or give us a call in case you are not satisfied with the service.

  •  Always walk over the area first to check for stones and remove them to make a place for the jumping castle.
  •  The Castle must be setup in an area where there is no dirt, stones, pointy things or sand. The jumping castle can be setup on grass or concrete surface.
  •  If you want to place it on a concrete surface different weights as anchor points will be used the area should be flat and clear. 
  •  The jumping castles cannot be taken upstairs as they are heavy.
  •  They cannot be setup when there is a lot of wind or rain.
  •  Next step is to unroll and unfold in the position required. Spread it out completely.
  •  Connect the blower to the tube and secure.
  •  It’s important to fully unroll the extension cable
  •  Keep children away from the blower.
  •  The unit must be anchored with anchor points located around the base.
  •  If using on a hard surface safety mats should be placed in front of the unit.
  •  Electrical cables should be placed at the edge of the garden to keep it away from the children.

All our castles are charged commencing from $120 for hire within 25km of our location. Get in touch with us to know more about the rates.


Payment Options:

The Jumping Castle Man’s favorite option is cash at delivery but we also accept cheques and online direct deposit transfers a week before the requirement. Below are some terms and conditions of The Jumping Castle Man.

  •  If you would like to pay at the time of delivery, please ensure the correct amount of cash is available.
  •  The jumping castle will not be left at the venue if the complete payment is not done.
  •  The Jumping Castle man has the right to refuse delivery if the payment is not or if the business is beyond scope.

Some terms and conditions of Jumping Castles

The complete setup usually takes 15 to 30 minutes. The setup time depends upon the site as well. The complete pack up takes 25 minutes and it does not impact the length of your hire. We highly recommend you to come 30 minutes before the start time. Additional fees will be incurred in case the customers cause delays in scheduled pickup of the jumping castles. Our bounce engineers will walk you through the safety procedure before you sign off the documents. This practice is routine just to ensure that you completely understand how to take full advantage and use the amazing. The Jumping Castle Man safely.

The Lease Agreement

The customer will need to sign a lease agreement before you use the jumping castles. When we deliver the product our technician will ask you to sign a document and follow simple rules and procedures concerned with looking after the unit. Please read it carefully before signing the document and accepting the terms and conditions. The jumping castles require the presence of adults at all times to keep the children safe.


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